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School Bus Tracking System

Credence Tracker offers a GPS tracking service, and one of our specialized services is the "School Bus Tracking System." This system provides real-time tracking of school buses, allowing parents to access live updates on the location of their child's bus. Parents also receive alerts regarding the status of the bus, ensuring they are informed about any delays or changes in schedule.

Additionally, the system includes a dedicated section for bus drivers. In this section, drivers can mark the attendance of students as they board and exit the bus, providing an efficient way to track student attendance and ensure their safety during transportation.

Driver Section

The driver portal provided by our company offers a user-friendly platform for school bus drivers to efficiently manage their routes. Drivers can access route alerts in real-time, ensuring timely and safe transportation for students, and add maintenance requirements for the vehicles, enhancing fleet reliability and safety.

Conductor Section

Conductor portal enables conductors to streamline attendance tracking processes onboard school buses. Conductors can conveniently mark the attendance of students as they board from various stops, ensuring accurate records of passenger counts and enhancing student safety. Additionally, conductors can mark students' attendance again as they leave the bus at their designated destinations, ensuring accountability and safety throughout the journey.

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