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Is my information secured on the patform?

  • Login authentication - User can only view the information after logging in to the application with credentials.
  • Authorization - User can only access the information authorized to them with the credentials. This ensures the user cannot access the inforamtion of the other users on th platform.
  • Activity tracking - User's activity is been monitored and the data is stored i.e last login date & time along wwith IP address.

Do we get warranty for installed devices?

Yes, Credence provides 1 year warranty on the vehicle tracking devices

What is geofencing?

Geofencing is a location-based technology that creates virtual boundaries or perimeters around specific geographic areas. It enables triggering automated actions or notifications when a device or person enters or exits these predefined zone User can set the distance & diameter in accordance with their requirements.

On which vehicles teh tracking devices can be installed?

GPS tracking devices can be installed on any sort of vehicles like cars, trucks, bikes or bikes.

Are the devices AIS - 140 certified?

Yes, Credence devices are AIS-140 certified with CDAC approval,which helps user to get fastest RTO approval for their vehicle., In addition user can get Fitness certificate, BSNL & Form 17 in just 5 hours from completion with Credence.

What vehicle information is provided to me by Credence tracker?

Credence provides detailed reports about the vehicle such as Live tracking with coordinates Travel & stoppage time of each vehicle Notification & stoppage alert Geofence(A to B)report, overspeeding & SOS suppport. Fuel status & lock Status Trip and movement report Driver scoreecard

What is the installation time of the device.

OBD device hardly takes 5 min. for installation.


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