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Navigating towards a secure future

Parental access to the School Bus Tracking System offers a comprehensive set of features to keep parents informed
and reassured about their child's safety during their school commute.

Here's a detailed overview of what parents can expect from the system:

Real-time Bus Tracking:

Parents can access real-time updates on the location of their child's school bus. They can see the current location of the bus on a map, along with estimated arrival times at various stops.

Live Updates and Alerts:

The system provides live updates and alerts to parents, notifying them about important events such as the bus departing from school, reaching specific stops, or encountering delays due to traffic or weather conditions.

Route Information::

Detailed information about the bus route is available to parents, including the designated stops and the estimated time of arrival at each stop. This helps parents plan their schedules accordingly.

Emergency Alerts:

In case of emergencies or unforeseen circumstances, parents receive immediate alerts, ensuring they are promptly informed and can take necessary action if required.

Secure Access:

Parental access to the system is secure, requiring authentication to ensure that only authorized individuals can view their child's bus information.

User-friendly Interface:

The system features a user-friendly interface that is easy to navigate, allowing parents to quickly access the information they need without any technical difficulties.

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